Tweed Twenty Bathroom — Lyndsey Stodola

The Client

Lyndsey and Matt Stodola have worked their way through one major remodel after another in their split-level home. After upgrading the finishes in their lower level den it was time to deal with a small space that housed a ¾ bath and closet. Their active family was outgrowing the tiny bathroom and their goal was to remove the closet and create one large bathroom.

Their Unique Design Needs

In theory removing the closet and converting the space into a modern bathroom was a straightforward plan. The catch was that this space was the convergence zone for ducting, drainage, and electrical wires for the entire house. The need to work around rather than move most of it was key to the success of the space.

The Solution

A design plan was set into motion that concealed the bulk of the obstructions in the room by working them into the architectural elements within plan. The layout of the shower includes a niche that sits right on top of the existing drainage lines from the main level kitchen above. The increased thickness of the interior wall of the bathroom can be seen in the window well; however, the space for greenery is a bonus. The existing heating duct is concealed with a false panel above a short linen cabinet with increased depth for maximum storage in the space. The updated bathroom is fresh and airy and feels like an oasis rather than the spare bathroom in a basement.

It was clear that Jennifer has worked in the field directly with contractors. We loved that we knew she could communicate with sub contractors effectively on our behalf. She did the running around to find all our coordinating pieces. It was a full service experience with her and we will be using her services for our future projects!

Lyndsey and Matt Stodola

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