Riptide Condo — Donna Barnhart

The Client

Years ago, Donna hired a contractor to level out the sunken floor of her condo. The renovated space featured a single level kitchen and dining area with a set of stairs to the sliding glass door. The improved floorplan came at a cost – the ceiling height in the dining area.

Their Unique Design Needs

After too many summers of intense heat and glare in her space Donna was ready for a change. She wanted to shield her interiors from the sun exposure of her western facing walls; however, she was not willing to sacrifice the view by installing shades within the window opening.

The Solution

A pair of shades were installed up at the ceiling level and concealed with wooden valance. By painting the valance to match the existing trim throughout the condo the shades are now hidden right in plain sight.

Perfect solution. Blinds totally disappear unless you pull them. No one would ever know they are there. Jen is amazing at solving problems. I love her 'can do' attitude. She is so much fun to work with.

Donna Barnhart




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