Chuckanut Bedroom — Susan McMonagle

The Client

The bedroom at the top of the stairs may be petite, but what it lacks in square footage it makes up for in style. The octagon shaped room has a pair of French doors and a 180 degree view of the property. There is just enough room for a queen sized bed and a side table.

Their Unique Design Needs

The unique shape of the room creates a bit of a challenge as to how to hang draperies within the space. One option would have been to have a custom bent rod fabricated that would span the entire room; however, the cost was prohibitive and the bulk unwanted. The other need in the space was to provide a covering for the French doors that would be attractive to look at on both sides of the door.

The Solution

After carefully considering our options, a plan was set into motion to have single panels fabricated for each window rather than a pair. This greatly reduced the bulk of the draperies which is important for a small space. We were able to frame out the headboard with the panels by placing them to each side. Now the pair of windows behind the bed are anchored as one piece. That detail is repeated on the two remaining windows in the room for a balanced design. The patterned fabric was used on accent pillows and for a set of self-lined panels for the French doors. Our clients furry companion supervised the installation gave her approval when we were through.
Susan McMonagle

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