Birch Bay Solar Shades — Marlene Edling

The Client

When you have a view like the one Marlene has in her Birch Bay home the last thing you want to do is cover it with window treatments. For over a decade she’s lived in the home without adding a covering to the space. After a neighbor cut back a tree that provided shade for her great room, she needed to address the sun exposure in the room.

Their Unique Design Needs

In this home the two-story window wall is a statement piece that emphasizes the vaulted ceiling and the vista below. We needed a window covering that could span a height up to 12’ with a narrow width. Not an easy combination to find.

The Solution

A roller shade with a bead chain lift system was just right for the task. The compact cassette has a streamlined appearance and blends in with the window trim for a subdued look. The solar screen shade material protects the room from harmful UV rays while maintaining the view out to the shoreline. Marlene has the ability to soften the light within her room by adjusting the shades to any position she prefers. In the end she wondered just why she waited this long to have solar shades in her space after all.

We love our new shades and they arrived at a perfect time to help block the heat. We don't know how we lived here so long without them! Just having control over the light from morning to night has made life here so much more comfortable. And we loved working with both you and did a great job and are so fun to work with!

Marlene Edling

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