DIY Home Storage Project

When it comes to home storage, using a mix of types will create visual interest to your space. Baskets, bins, and glass containers are all great options; however, it can be challenging to find the right home storage containers that are not just functional, but also attractive as well.

I try not to limit myself to what I find “as-is” but rather what home storage options I can transform something into. Recently I found a set of wood topped canisters that had gold stags on them. Now the stag detail might have been perfect for someone else’s space, but it certainly was not for mine. With a simple adjustment to the knob, you can change the entire look of the containers.

DIY Home Storage Before the Update

For this project I used a few basic tools to loosen the existing knobs and replace them with the stone ones I already had on hand. I filled the containers with some of my vintage postcards and rocks my daughter brings in from her outdoor adventures. Now we have storage in plain sight and a conversation piece as well.

DIY Home Storage Tools for Project

The next time you spot something that almost fits what you are looking for give it a second glance and envision how wonderful it could be. Your space will reflect your own sense of style and remain organized.


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