Weekend Refresh: 7 Simple Ways to Update Your Space

Ever feel like an easy redecorating project is a myth?

Three years ago we moved from one side of town to the other. The distance between our homes wasn’t great, but the move turned into much more than we had anticipated. In fact, on the final day of our move my son became ill and had an emergency appendectomy. Needless to say, my desire to unpack and do a bit of nesting stopped in its tracks.

Our family has always been on the go, and we tend to spend much more time out of the house than inside of its walls. When we first moved into this house, we had all kinds of plans for one update or another. A new sectional was extremely high on the list. It has been a few years and that run-down piece of furniture is still here despite my own wishes to give it the boot.

In comes the Stay Home orders of 2020 and there we were…at home…EVERY DAY…sitting in what is by far the most drab room in the house! Well, enough was enough.

Easy Redecorating Tips Room Before

I help others update their spaces all the time, the least I could do was to use my time to do a little easy redecorating update of my own. Now doing an update can be a total package by swapping everything out from the floor to the ceiling, but in this case, I did a quick update with a few easy redecorating swaps, and you can, too!

Tip 1: Start With the Basics

Remove anything that does not need to be there. Toys, paperwork, laundry, clutter – generally anything that doesn’t serve a purpose for the space.


Tip 2: Give It a Good Clean

Take time to vacuum, dust, and wipe down whatever needs it.


Tip 3: Paint the Walls

A gallon of paint goes a long, long way and is by far the least expensive ways to freshen up a space with big impact.


Easy Redecorating Tips Paint the Walls

Tip 4: Switch up the Furniture

As years go by our uses for our living spaces can change, but oftentimes our furniture does not. By simply revising the layout and editing pieces you can give your space new function and style.


Tip 5: Review Your Lighting Choices

Do your existing light fixtures provide enough light in the right places? Adding a lamp or changing out bulbs are great ways to change the mood of your space without a big expense.


Easy Redecorating Tips Review Your Lighting Choices


Tip 6: Hang Artwork, Photos, and Shelving

Now that your space has a new layout and a fresh coat of paint it is the perfect time to finally hang items on the walls. Choose a few pieces that reflect the style of your updated space or create a gallery wall as your main focal point.

Easy Redecorating Tips Paint the Walls


Tip 7: Add Something New

One of the most satisfying parts of updating your space is the opportunity to add a few new pieces. Select pillows, plants, rugs, and accessories to add character and comfort to your space.


Our family loves color, so I selected a green with a bit of blue undertones to kick up the existing upholstery of my run-down sectional. The grey looks so much better with the punch of bold color of the rug and the rich tones in the paint, artwork, and accessories. By ditching the old storage ottoman for the set of nesting tables I have opened up space and added much-needed texture and wood tones to the room. The tray with a couple of accessories is easy to move and honestly will be up and out of the way when my daughter is at play. I have to say that I held off doing anything in this room for way too long. My dream had been to replace the flooring and to get that new furniture before I did anything.

I tell my clients all the time how we can make simple changes in their homes so that they love the spaces they live in right then and there. I have had a case of for others for way, way too long. It felt great to finally get to put these easy redecorating tips into action and be my own client. Turns out the Stay Home order would have a silver lining after all.


Now it is your turn to use the 7 steps to refresh your space in a weekend too.


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